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20+ years helping insurance companies transform and succeed through utilizing a combination of a human-centered approach, agile methodology, data science, and technology.


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Explore our Insurance Hub

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Insurance companies in:


    • Reducing the gap between the different multi-generation customer bases

    • Ensuring a cohesive customer experience across digital and traditional channels

    • Fully utilizing data to enhance business decisions to be based on strategy and science

    • Remaining on the cusp of new technologies, enabling agile system modernization at speed and scale

    • Dealing with uncertain futures
    • Understanding the new consumer focus (the shift in power)

    • Understanding cyber risks

    • Dealing with an on-demand economy                                                                 

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Our Insurance Library

Insurance Trends 2023

In our MJV Insurance Trends Report, you are going to find out a new vision of the challenges of the insurance market, which are the emerging trends in the industry and real stories of transformation in you sector led by MJV.

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Business Analytics for the Insurance Market

New Business Analytics solutions are changing the paradigms of the insurance market. Cultivating a data-driven culture needs to be prioritized for a scalable business model focused on data processing and analysis. Through this, we can make conscious decisions, format custom products, and services, and ensure cost optimization with today’s tools.


Artificial Intelligence: The big game-changer for banks and insurance companies

Digital Transformation has promoted significant changes in companies, ranging from optimizing internal processes and improving customer relationships to developing new business models. In this context, open innovation allows conservative sectors to update more agile and uncomplicated, such as the insurance market.

Open Insurance: How Open API is transforming the insurance market

Banks and insurance companies use data from various daily activities - food, transportation, information, and location, among others - to pinpoint the best time to offer certain products or services.

But how does this happen? With an almost symbiotic mixture that unites sensors, machine learning, data crossing, and a lot of Artificial Intelligence.


Digital Trends Report

Understand what's behind digital transformation, and discover the tools, resources, and capabilities to truly think, be, and deliver digital. We're breaking down Digital for 2023 & beyond.



Insurance Bookcase

Find out how MJV is helping its top Insurance clients transform their business through a combination of human-centered and agile approaches, data science and technology.


Insurtech Connect

ITC is the world's largest gathering for insurance innovation and brings together the industry's top leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.  We have already sponsored ITC LATAM and ITC Vegas.


About MJV

MJV Technology & Innovation is a global consulting firm that helps leverage business, foster innovation, solve business challenges, and outsource professional profiles for some of the world’s largest companies.


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  25+ years of experience.

Presence in the U.S., Europe, and Latam.
A global team with over 1,300 experts, including designers, engineers, anthropologists, data scientists, developers, and marketers.

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