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20+ years helping Insurance companies transform and succeed through utilizing a combination of a human-centered approach, agile methodology, data science, and technology.


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Why is it important?

The time to focus on Innovation methods is here. 


It provides insight for the future, helps establish a vision, develops new products and services, evolves business models, and adapts and succeedsin the very competitive Insurance market.                                                                                                  


Let us help solve your insurance challenges!

Key Insurance



We are proud to help

Insurance companies in:


    • Reducing the gap between the different multi-generation customer bases

    • Ensuring a cohesive customer experience across digital and traditional channels

    • Fully utilizing data to enhance business decisions to be based on strategy and science

    • Remaining on the Cusp of new technologies enabling agile system modernization at speed and scale

    • Dealing with uncertain futures
    • Understanding the new consumer focus (the shift in power)

    • Understanding Cyber Risks

    • Dealing With an On-Demand Economy                                                                 

Where we have worked with insurance:


Health &



life and pension insurance


Life & Pension


auto insurance




property and casualty insurance


Property &

Casualty Insurance

Main deliverables

Our key skills come together to ensure delightful innovative solutions.

strategic design
experience and interactions cópia
Digital transformation cópia-1
cultural transformation

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MJV has its focus on the Silver

Generation, people aged 60 years

or more who represent 20% of the

country's consumption

A community that moves more than R$1.6 trillion

per year and is continuously growing in terms

of quantity and influences on the

world economy.

Increasingly connected, with free access to new

technologies, their behaviors, desires, and needs

are becoming more and more decisive for

business processes, strategies, and solutions.

Let's together rethink the Silver Generation’s digital experience and build a more inclusive reality?

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