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MJV & Retail

Main areas we have worked within the retail industry:


Challenges we have tackled in retail:

• Business strategy design & redesign (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C)
• In-store experience design
• Loyalty & subscription-based business models
• Marketplace experience
• Franchise expansion
• Retail forecasting
• Product & inventory planning
• Supply chain traceability

MJV @ Retail's Big Show


MJV sent a dedicated team to NRF 2024 to map out its most valuable insights. They have attended most of the 50 keynote presentations, constantly looking for retail's next big thing.


In this report, you’ll find key highlights & takeaways, quotes and big numbers — all this put together via shareable, visual storytelling.



Explore the Multiverse of CPG and Retail


Industries have seen exponential growth over the past quarter century with more and more exciting, innovative products being created and consumed by an ever-growing array of consumer needs and desires.


But accompanying this growth is also demand, and our audience is no longer happy to be given run-of-the-mill products and services. In fact, the very way in which CPG and Retail companies conduct themselves is even coming under scrutiny, with customers looking for ethically sound and innovative solutions that not only put the user front and center but also morally make them feel good about doing business with retailers.

“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”

– Roy H.Williams

Learn how to implement agile practices in your company

In the face of the Digital Transformation Era, rethinking work models to generate more value for customers and stand out from the competition has become fundamental.

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Agile Change Management: Facilitating Transformation

By adopting Agile, you are already investing in safer change management. Explore this further with us in the following article and infographic.

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Customer Guide Experience

With new techniques and strategies available, where do customer experience (CX), customer service, and Customer Experience Management (CEM) fit into the picture?

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The Rise of Phygital Stores: 7 Ways Brick-and-Mortar is Changing

Brick-and-Mortar stores are making a comeback! But not as we know them. Read on to see the adaptations physical stores have had to make to adjust to the ever-evolving digital retail world.

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B2B2C: How Your Company Can Take Advantage of this Trend

Industry giants like Amazon, Uber Eats, and even Google are considered B2B2Cs. But the trend we’re talking about doesn't just concern the business model. But what exactly is a B2B2C?

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Data Analytics for Business: Empowering Data Quality

When it comes to data, most companies think that more is always better, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that most companies lack the digital maturity necessary to take full advantage of the data at their disposal. That’s where Data Analytics comes into play.

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Third Place and the Starbucks empire: the user experience at the heart of strategy

In this article, you will understand what the ‘third place’ means and how Starbucks has made this philosophy an asset for their global success. 

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Why Retail Media Networks are central to retailers’ digital strategies – and how do they influence our consumption?

Retail media networks are booming. The stay-at-home mentality brought about by the pandemic and the mass adoption of delivery services for goods and products has created a perfect storm. Read on to understand what retail media is and why it is central to digital marketing strategies. 

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O2O: Turning Online Visitors Into Offline Shoppers

Online-to-offline is a trend that puts together the benefits of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar through several strategies. In this article, you’ll find out some of them — and how O2O helping businesses to turn online traffic into offline purchases.

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Demand Forecasting: Why Predictive Analytics Is The Answer

This article isn’t more of the same. In the article, we aim to clarify how predictive analytics is used to extract future trends from data, and provide you with information on how to make more informed decisions regarding supply chain and stock management.

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Creating a New Integrated Business Planning Tool for Supply Chain

Develop a margin optimization tool to enhance production allocation considering the plants' capabilities, profitability, lead times, and freight costs.

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Agile Transformation: Increasing Monthly Conversion of a Loyalty Program by 115%

MJV was tasked with increasing the conversion rates of a loyalty program, but the real linchpin was instilling the client's marketing team with an agile mindset.

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Creating a Modular B2B2C Strategy For a Hardware Store Franchise

MJV was tasked with assisting a hardware store franchise with executing a B2B2C strategy in a market where they already operated as a simple retailer.

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Creating an Insurance Marketplace for Santander

We found that most customers prefer taking risks before suffering the bureaucracy of contracting insurance. That’s why Santander reached out to MJV, in order to assist them with Auto Compara’s digital platform.

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Increasing Acai's Global Supply Chain Visibility

The model, implemented in several communities within the Amazon Rainforest, needed technological scalability. MJV was hired to ideate the solution, which it did completely free of charge.

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