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Industries have seen exponential growth over the past quarter century with more and more exciting, innovative products being created and consumed by an ever-growing array of consumer needs and desires.


But accompanying this growth is also demand, and our audience is no longer happy to be given run-of-the-mill products and services. In fact, the very way in which CPG and Retail companies conduct themselves is even coming under scrutiny, with customers looking for ethically sound and innovative solutions that not only put the user front and center but also morally make them feel good about doing business with retailers.

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MJV @ Retail's Big Show


MJV sent a dedicated team to NRF 2023 to map out its most valuable insights. They have attended most of the 50 keynote presentations, constantly looking for retail's next big thing.


In this report, you’ll find key highlights & takeaways, quotes and big numbers — all this put together via shareable, visual storytelling.


“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”

– Roy H.Williams

Learn how to implement agile practices in your company

In the face of the Digital Transformation Era, rethinking work models to generate more value for customers and stand out from the competition has become fundamental.

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Agile Change Management: Facilitating Transformation

By adopting Agile, you are already investing in safer change management. Explore this further with us in the following article and infographic.

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MJV Digital Trends Report: Delivering Digital for 2023 & beyond

There is no exact recipe, but success leaves its mark – and companies that best perform and deliver digital go through what we call the Digital Circle: a feedback process composed of Consumer Behavior, Journeys, Big Data, and Experiences.

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7 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Changing

Brick-and-Mortar stores are making a comeback! But not as we know them. Read on to see the adaptations physical stores have had to make to adjust to the ever-evolving digital retail world.

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Data Analytics for Business: Empowering Data Quality

When it comes to data, most companies think that more is always better, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that most companies lack the digital maturity necessary to take full advantage of the data at their disposal. That’s where Data Analytics comes into play.

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Responding to corporate changes in the post-pandemic world

The pandemic demanded intense structural change within the corporate world, significantly transforming the way the companies and employees work.

Remote transformation, new technologies, and the so-called “skills of the future” announce a single path in terms of relevance, competitiveness, and profitability: the path 
of change. 

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Incorporating and integrating innovation processes

The value of innovation for business is unquestionable. In the digital world, more than fostering a competitive advantage, incorporating innovation processes into the business has become essential for survival.

Learn how to ensure good innovation management in your company through metrics and accurate indicators.

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CPG: New Challenges, New Solutions

 The so-called “new normal” and its terminology, no longer exists. What exists is the present, what exists is the “now”. In this now, we never talk about paradigm shifts or innovation, be them digital or societal transformations.

This moment and paradigm shift has been affecting companies globally and in all segments. However, the CPG sector has been directly impacted by its new consumers. Never before, has there been such a drastic change and so rapid, when it comes to personal habits and consumption.

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Data Driven Personas: transforming customer service into a strategic insights tool for a large CPG company

The combination of data analytics and design thinking enabled further understanding and definition of specific consumer profiles using their CRM Database as a starting point.

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Third Place and the Starbucks empire: the user experience at the heart of strategy

In this article, you will understand what the ‘third place’ means and how Starbucks has made this philosophy an asset for their global success. 

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Pocket Trends: Retail

If you’re interested in what the future might hold for retail, then we’ve got you covered with MJV’s Pocket Trends!

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What does the Metaverse have to teach us about CX?

P&G, Microsoft, Epic Games (Fortnite), Walmart, and H&M are some of the giants that have joined Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse. But, why have these companies decided to join now, and what do these moves tell us about Customer Experience? Read on to find out.

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20+ years helping CPG and Retail companies Transform and Succeed

Through a combination of human-centered approach, agile methodology, data science and technology

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