Customer Lifetime Value

7 Strategies to Boost Retention

When it comes to measuring your success, not all metrics are created equal. For retail, the metric stat stands among the most important is Customer Lifetime Value.

This is essentially a measurement of how much value you can expect to extract from each of your customers, and keeping your CLV high has a direct impact on your bottom line. 

The question here isn’t about whether or not you should be keeping an eye on your CLV. The question is, “how do we improve it?”

In this Ebook you’ll discover the benefits behind keeping your CLV high, the information you can glean from it, and most importantly, 7 strategies for boosting your customer lifetime value.

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  • 01

    Introduction: The Fight for Market Share

  • 02

    What is Customer Lifetime Value?

  • 03

    How to calculate your customer lifetime value

  • 04

    How Much Do Your Customers Cost You? The Value of Knowing Your CLV 

  • 05

    Key Reasons to Raise your Customer Lifetime Value

  • 06

    The 7 Best Strategies to Boost your Customer Lifetime Value


“When it comes down to it, the only thing that can

truly affect customer loyalty is ultimately customer

experience and satisfaction.”

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