AI in Payments: 

Where Are We Headed?

In the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the market is divided into those that use AI and those that don’t, and that gap is only growing.


In order to stay ahead of the curve, companies need to incorporate AI solutions into their offerings and implement proper data collection and management to get the most out of their AI solutions.


In no market is this more apparent than in payment solutions. The incorporation of AI and data gathering into the payment landscape has allowed companies to glean unprecedented insights into consumer behavior and payment choices.


In this White Paper, we cover the current state of AI in payments in detail, including how data can fuel your AI solutions and where the industry is headed.


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Table of Contents

  • 01

    An AI Overview: Where we are now, and where we are headed

  • 02

    A new paradigm in payments

  • 03

    AI and Data: How payments work as fuel for AI

  • 04

    Is AI a cure for fraud?

  • 05

    Exploring the future of AI in payments

  • 06

    Let MJV be your guide to the world of AI in payments

“We are entering the age of AI in payments, where artificial intelligence is driving more interoperability between players, fewer barriers, and more personalization.”

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