Design Thinking + Agile

in Digital Transformation
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What's in the webinar?


In this Webinar we will cover several things, from the importance of a collaborative approach in the marketplace, to the strengths and disruptive methodologies of success.

Design Thinking + Agile as well as strategies in Digital Transformation projects, increase productivity and deliver valuable customer centered results.

When innovation take place, the risks are lower and the advantages are huge.

Learn what the benefits of each of these methodologies are, and how the can be applied individually, or in unisim to make your business more assertive.


Adriana Tavares

Head of Agile at MJV. Passionate about Agile Transformation and multicultural teams, she has more than 12 years of experience in Technology & Innovation. With expertise in the areas of Process Management, Software Development, Business Intelligence and Digital Transformation. Adriana is dedicated to unify agile methods and business strategy.

Tópico 1 Introduction to Design Thinking
Tópico 2 You don't do agile. You become Agile.
Tópico 3 Boosting results
Tópico 4 Case Study

About MJV

For over 20 years, MJV Innovation has been helping influence innovation and solving business challenges with some of the world's largest companies. With offices in Europe, the United States and Latin America, the consultancy counts on a multidisciplinary team, composed by more than 700 professionals divided between designers, engineers, anthropologists, data scientists, developers, entrepreneurs, and much more. We believe in collaborative work and apply Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies as a guide for all the projects we develop.

The MJV is composed of four pillars, structured in complete synergy:

Innovation in business: Development and implementation of innovative solutions to reduce costs, increase profits and generate new business models.

Consulting in Technology: Development and implementation of customized services of Business Intelligence (BI), IT and Internet of Things.

Digital Strategy: Development and implementation of corporate strategy and user experience so that "being digital" and "digital thinking" become intrinsic to the business model.

Outsourcing of professional profiles: Allocation of professionals of UX, UI, Marketing and IT counting with the total support of the MJV with respect to the work accomplished and quality control.