The State of Digital Payments in the U.S.


When tap-to-pay was first introduced, some saw it as strange and perhaps even a bit unsafe, but the convenience of this new technology quickly surpassed any skepticism. It has gone from new to normal in an incredibly short amount of time. This journey is the same for every innovation within the financial sector, and it’s one that instant payments will soon embark on.

Since the pandemic, digital payments have solidified themselves as the main protagonist of the world’s financial future. The current context surrounding digital payments in the U.S. provides the perfect conditions for instant payment methods to thrive, and that’s exactly what we discuss in our White Paper “The State of Digital Payments in the U.S.”

In this content, we explore the current state of digital payments in the United States, including Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) services, instant payments, and the introduction of the Federal Reserve’s FedNow. 

Download our White Paper to discover where digital payments are at right now, as well as where they’re headed in the near future so that you can prepare yourself for the inevitable digital revolution in finance. 

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What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    Introduction: The Current Context of Digital Payments

  • 02

    The State of Digital Payments in the US

  • 03

    How A2A Benefits from Instant Payments

  • 04

    Why FedNow Institutionalized Instant Payments

  • 05

    Buy Now Pay Later Expands The Range of Consumption

  • 06

    If Payments Are Happening Faster, Will Fraud Be Harder to Manage?

  • 07

    The Money Summary: Before You Go

  • 08

    Embracing the Digital Payments Revolution

“A staggering 70% of consumers now express a preference for receiving digital and electronic payments from brands.”

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