Innovation Trends for 2019

A quickstart guide for the Health Market


What's in the eBook?

The scientific-technological advance and the digitization of the industry will transform the logistics of medical care and the patients' journey.

Amazon, Google and Apple are already eyeing possible futures in the medical field and prepare to be sucking up large slices of the pie.

Solutions such as telemedicine and the use of immersive experience in assisting procedures are becoming increasingly common.

For the future, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Digital Twins promise to give new meaning to the industry.

In the Golden Age of medicine, it will be possible to map genetic susceptibility to diseases, delineate better treatments according to each individual and initiate them in a preventive way.

In our report, you will know what digital and cultural transformations companies must make to stay ahead of the market.

Some Insights

Artificial Intelligence
Patient Experience
Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Chapter 1 Issues
Chapter 2 Tech
Chapter 3 Solutions
Chapter 4 Waves

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