NRF 2023 Insights

Retail’s Big Show Breakthroughs

The biggest retail event of the year is over, and it's time to select the most valuable breakthroughs from Retail's Big Show.

For this mission, MJV sent to NRF 2023 a team of experts dedicated to mapping the main stories from the event. They have attended most of the 50 keynote presentations and 100 exhibitor sessions, constantly looking for retail's next big thing — and they found it.


Straightforward Takeaways from NRF 2023

The idea here is to provide concise takeaways from the presentations, put together via visual and shareable storytelling, illustrated by keynote data and speakers’ quotes.

You found the right NRF 2023 debrief. Save your time, download our content, and have full access to the NRF 2023’s Key Insights & Breakthroughs.

What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    NRF 2023: A Retail Innovation Guide

  • 02

    The Rise of Retail Media Networks 

  • 03

    In-store Experiences

  • 04

    The Power of Loyalty

  • 05

    Sustainable Technology

  • 06


  • 07

    Web 3.0, Community 3.0 & Phygital NFTs

  • 08

    Reflections + Bonus Trends 



You found the right NRF 2023 debrief.
Download our content, and have full access to the
NRF 2023’s Key Insights & Breakthroughs.



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