Modern Supply Chains: A Big Picture of Logistics 4.0


The Supply Chain of the Future Can be Built Today

Industry changes have been accelerating. One of the sectors that we believe will see the most change in the next few years is supply chain management.

The advent of AI and the shockwaves global supply chains are still experiencing from the pandemic are propelling companies and industries alike to reach for new horizons as fast as possible.

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In the U.S., retail operations have a supply chain accuracy of only 63%.

What’s in this White Paper?

We’ll cover the current state of things as well as the main trends that are making waves within the global supply chain – and how you can surf them to successful innovation.

No matter what industry you operate in, you are undoubtedly a part of the global supply chain. And it is critical to ensure that when that chain falls under undue stress in the future, your company is not the weakest link.

What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    What does the future of global supply chains look like?

  • 02

    The State of Supply Chain In the US

  • 03

    The Latest Supply Chain News 

  • 04

    5 Key Trends of Modern Supply Chains

  • 05

    The MJV Way: How We Influence Change In Supply Chain Management

  • 06

    From Supply Chain To Value Chain Management

“Modern supply chains are simple, open, clean, and proactive.”

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