Our quest of empowering IT Departments to be more Human-Centered and strategic for the Business.

20+ years helping IT departments transform and succeed utilizing a combination of human-centered approaches and methodologies.


Why User-Centricity?

Being user centered is considered a key asset because it is linked to the competitiveness, profitability and growth of the organization. Each area of a company can benefit from this approach, IT specifically can become a powerhouse of innovation thanks to the amazing benefits it grants.


The organization as a whole becomes human-centered, as it fosters a sophisticated understanding of its principles and processes, rigorously evaluates their design performance, and develops new talent across functional areas and hierarchical levels. .

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Different ways of bringing

Human-Centeredness to the IT department

By end-to-end solution, we mean having a single focal point to take care of all your actions, a strategy that follows the entire product/service/process value chain. Successful actions rely on careful management and customized solutions, being you in a headquarter near us or choosing to work with an offshore outsourcing team. There are no boundaries for us.

At MJV, we expect to be your one-stop solution, a true partner, since you need to increase your back-office productivity, migrate from on-premise technologies to cloud services, or even invest in new technologies to unlock exponential growth and results.

In an ever-increasing business world, the IT department has gained a never-seen protagonism for companies. Here, at MJV, we aim for IT departments to be able not only to squeeze data to get insights but create entire business strategies from it.

For this, we create hackathons & training programs focused on capability building to introduce and develop new concepts and good practices, as well as trendy mindsets and a moonshot vision to take your workforce to the next level.

There are already many success stories in large corporations that had the challenge of migrating old system solutions to current ones in an agile and economical way.

Ending wasted resources, reducing costs, and increasing productivity are not impossible. MJV helps you implement a custom solution, update your governance to the latest in IT and automate your business management.

In the digital world, there is a set of expertise to perform well. And there is a gap between devs and those professionals, which costs IT departments billions every year.

But not here. At MJV, we work with different methodologies and techniques to accelerate innovation, by integrating different areas in the development process.

Our IT outsourcing service provides interdisciplinary teams with diverse expertise, including development, strategy, design interaction, and agile management.

A competitive business performance demands solid skills analyzing countless bytes of data, but companies still struggle to break down the Big Data into knowledge and organize information.

We have a quality-driven data approach, including data transformation and data viz to turn raw data into business insights to empower decision-making.

In most companies, data is often a jumble of raw facts people have to dig through to properly interpret it. Spreading an analytical culture to increase data literacy throughout the organization is crucial to turning every department into a cell capable of improving its processes.

Innovation Labs
& Accelerators
To foster a new way of working utilising the latest thinking around innovation methodologies.
To develop proof of concept experiences by prototyping physical and digital solutions across industries.
To drive results by applying a human centered approach to testing allowing business cases to be formed and validated in short space of time.


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