Innovation Metrics:

your company’s compass towards innovation


The value of innovation for business is indisputable. In the digital world, more than fostering a competitive advantage, incorporating innovation processes into everyday life has become a requirement for organizations' survival.


So, how to ensure good innovation management in your company? Through metrics and accurate indicators, which assess the progress of the innovation processes.


Innovating is an essentially qualitative process. But it doesn't have to be subjective. Ensure your processes' monitoring, evaluation of results, and reduction in risks involved in the transformation. Download our e-book now!

What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    The value of business innovation

  • 02

    Innovation: a measurable process

  • 03

    The main aspects of innovation management

  • 04

    Different types of innovation metrics

  • 05

    Check out 3 key metrics to measure innovation.

  • 06

    Metrics are a means, not an end in and of themselves.



Innovation is a qualitative process, but it does not have to be subjective. In our e-book "Innovation Metrics: your company's compass towards innovation," you will understand the importance of measuring innovation processes. 



MJV Technology & Innovation

We are a global innovation and technology consultancy. We provide end-to-end solutions, from ideation to IT implementation, through Data Science and Analytics. 

We started our trajectory in the IT area! But we have also changed, we incorporated Design Thinking and Agile into our DNA in order to understand our clients' business in-depth and achieve efficient results.

In this evolution process, we understand that there is no way for a company to be competitive without Data Science and Analytics.

We further enrich our end-to-end solution cycle. Today, we act from a thorough understanding of the client to build future scenarios, developing smarter technologies and operations, guided always, by data.