The Value Proposition Roadmap:

A Handbook of How to Present your Business to Your Audience

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What's in the Ebook?

When it comes to preparing your company and products for the market, the first thing any potential customer will look at is your value proposition. 


While this simple phrase or sentence might be short, it is densely packed with everything prospective clients need to know about what kind of service they’re getting and how the company in question is different from its competitors. 


It may seem like a simple marketing strategy, but a value proposition is deceptively nuanced in its ability to convey information and attract new users. Not to be mistaken with an organization’s mission statement, vision, or values, it is the cornerstone of any Go-To-Market strategy. 


In this Ebook, we’ll cover what a Value proposition is, how it differs from other communication methods, as well as how and when to prepare one. 


We’ll also show you a few tried and tested value propositions and the benefits that having one can bring to your organization.


What will you see in this content?

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    What is a Value Proposition?

    • Airbnb - Belong Anywhere
    • Uber: The Smartest Way to Get Around Slack
    • A Messaging App for People who put Robots on Mars
    • MJV’s 2022 Innovation Trend Report
  • 02

    How Does a Value Proposition Differ from a Mission, Vision, or Values?

    • Mission Statement.
    • Your company’s raison d'être Vision Statement, code of conduct and ethics.
    • What your company wants to be when it grows up Values

  • 03

    When is The Right Time To Write A Value Proposition?

    • Writing your VP during/after the Immersion or Analysis stages
    • Writing your VP during/after the Ideation or Prototyping stages.
  • 04

    How to write a Value Proposition

    • The Steve Blank Method
    • The Geoff Moore Method
    • The Harvard Business School Method.

“Value propositions are fluid; they change alongside the market, industry, product, and company.”

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