Experience Matters: The User Experience Playbook To Success


What's in the Ebook?

User Experience has become more and more critical with each passing year. The digital age has brought about a new era of user-business interactions. When every product is available on the same device and with a similar price and quality, the only difference between them is how you feel while using it.


Experience Management, UX Design, and Research, the list of new user experience tools, platforms, and techniques is constantly expanding. Companies will have to pick up the pace to stay ahead of the curve. 


That’s why we created this Ebook, “Experience Matters: The User Experience Playbook To Success.” With it, we hope to help you explore some of the new features within UX as well as bring you some examples, tips, and statistics from the ever-evolving world of experiences.


What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    What is UX Design?

  • 02

    Why invest in UX?

  • 03

    UX Research as a Game-Changer

    3.1. Build Personas

    3.2. Use wireframes as prototypes

    3.3. Do usability tests

  • 04

    UX ROI: Measuring your Investment

    4.1. What UX ROI is not

  • 05

    Experience Management: why you should care about it

  • 06

    Final UX Tips and Tricks


“Companies that consider user experience as one of their business pillars perform 228% above average.”

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Development and implementation of positive impact solutions, considering aspects of the entire ecosystem, looking at business, people, and the planet.