Data Quality:

An Awareness Guide to Data Maturity


What is your plan?

According to surveys, bad data quality costs organizations trillions. And nearly 50% of new data have errors that negatively impact organizations.

Pretty emphatic, right?

The way data is gathered, stored, and consumed has enormous implications for the quality of the information at your company's disposal.

Data scientists simply can't achieve the same results with poor-quality data. We are talking about providing the top analysis to help companies make solid business decisions or run programs like machine learning effectively.

It seems so obvious that companies need to prioritize ensuring only quality data is allowed within their businesses, but, alas, so many become yet another victim of bad data.

Download this ebook and see the negative impact bad data causes organizations and why it is so essential to be proactive in finding solutions.


What will you see in this content?

  • 01

     Intro: Is your data good enough?

    Setting the scene; a brief look at the impact of data in the modern world.

  • 02

    The Problem: Bad Data

    Let's not beat about the bush; here we, in no uncertain facts, detail why having bad data is such an issue, including some mind-blowing statistics of the adverse effects it's having on business.

  • 03

    Machine Learning: Bad data's negative effect

    A specific example of where bad data can cause such disruption. Upon an otherwise potentially valuable business process.

  • 04

    The Solution: Data Quality

    The antidote: what defines the quality of this all so precious resource?

  • 05


    Not much mystery here; we take a look at the techniques used to gauge and understand data quality.

  • 06

    The Six Dimensions

    Here we outline the principal metrics used in the measuring process, but what are the six preferred elements for accessing data?

  • 07

    The Importance

    So far, we've been looking at only issues and how to measure data; it is now time to "flip things over" and look at the fantastic benefits good quality data can provide.

  • 08

    Improve The Quality

    The path forward, this section will show you how to get your hands on the all so valuable good data.

  • 09

    Takeaways: take data seriously!

    Finally, an overview of everything discussed including a reinforcement of the importance of the topic. And where we believe MJV can potentially provide its expertise and be of assistance.


"Bad data quality costs organizations trillions. And nearly 50% of new data have errors that negatively impact organizations."


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