Consumer Intelligence:

connecting data to insights

It is nothing new that experiences highly influence the economy and the customer decision-making process, even more than a product or service price.

But we understand that building a good experience is not easy. There is strategic work required to map the needs and consumption habits along with constant monitoring of the evolution of these habits.

In the Consumer Intelligence e-book, you will understand the level of experience companies must be offering. You will know the importance of omnichannel and all its benefits, along with the framework that combines design and data science to scale insights monitor consumer behavior to anticipate their needs.



What will you see in this content?

  • 01

    Experience as a business model

  • 02

    Data: the new frontier of Consumer Intelligence

  • 03

    The Role of Omnichannel Strategies

  • 04

    Design Thinking: Know Your Customer First

  • 05

    Consumer Intelligence: Connecting Data to Insights



"Integrate design and data science into your business to connect data to insights, get to know your customer, and deliver the consumer experiences they want!"



MJV Technology & Innovation

We are a global innovation and technology consultancy. We provide end-to-end solutions, from ideation to IT implementation, through Data Science and Analytics. 

We started our trajectory in the IT area! But we have also changed, we incorporated Design Thinking and Agile into our DNA in order to understand our clients' business in-depth and achieve efficient results.

In this evolution process, we understand that there is no way for a company to be competitive without Data Science and Analytics.

We further enrich our end-to-end solution cycle. Today, we act from a thorough understanding of the client to build future scenarios, developing smarter technologies and operations, guided always, by data.