Some of the hottest topics in the corporate world today are the different ways in which you can explore Data Science, and we have recently discussed its importance for Business Intelligence. Now, with our newest e-book, you will find out how Data Science can be applied to marketing in order to avoid losing customers (Churn) and increase the competitive advantage of your strategies.


It is easy to understand that you can no longer read this manually. This is where the usefulness of Data Science technologies lies, and they help reveal information behind the multiplicity and volume of data. In addition to systematizing the extraction, they enable pattern recognition to predict and understand behaviors from consumers and other stakeholders in large databases.

In turn, the application of data mining allows business managers or high-risk decision-makers in companies to identify opportunities, their perspectives and experiences, and adapt them to their respective realities. 


  • Why invest in Data Mining;
  • Data Science to manage CRM;
  • How Data Mining can help understand customers and prevent Churn;
  • How to use Data Mining to identify frauds and build safe systems.